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Are you looking for heater rentals in Red Deer? Pro Energy specializes in temporary, portable, flameless heaters that can withstand any job! We have the right flameless heaters in stock for you to complete your project efficiently and on time. Pro Energy provides a well-stocked heater supply and can provide services to remote locations. We have different models of heaters available for rent.

Flameless heaters are perhaps the one of the most innovative heaters available. These heaters are not only a good solution to air pollution, but because they do not produce a flame, there is a significantly lower risk of being an ignition source and causing injury related to job site fires. Flameless heater rentals are commonly seen in industries where there is a “no open flame” regulation, these industries include but are not limited to the oil and gas sector, mining operations, restoration and construction services.

D3500 Flameless Air Heater

Not only do flameless heaters provide safer results, but they have also been recognized as much more efficient. The high efficiency lowers the cost per BTU. They provide extreme amounts of heat, they maximize uptime due to their long run time, they do not require as much monitoring, and they also provide easy access for maintenance and repair.

Why rent flameless heaters from Pro Energy?

Pro Energy has been a leader in the power solutions industry for years. We know all the requirements for maintaining proper working equipment and ensuring quality performance on site. Pro Energy goes out of the way to ensure our equipment performs better than required. Our XE150 flameless hydronic heaters are portable and perfect for ground thawing, concrete curing, air heat, tank thaw & frozen pipe protection.

We also have our D series flameless air heaters available for rent. These heaters use magnetic heat to generate high volumes of humidity-free, low emission heat for almost any large area. This economical heating solution quickly produces a tremendous amount of fast, dry heat, without the use of spark, friction or flame. A safer alternative to an incineration device attached to a boiler, this flameless heater’s efficiency rating is over 90 percent in many environments and weather conditions. This high efficiency lowers the cost per BTU, resulting in an overall reduced cost of operation. So even in the roughest, toughest weather conditions this user-friendly series is ready to deliver the heat.

We provide heater rentals to Red Deer and surrounding area! We are proud to be experts in the power solutions industry; our promise is to provide you with the best heater rental for your job. When you work with Pro Energy, you can feel confident knowing that we have high quality, custom built, well-maintained equipment available. Not only that, but we provide 24/7 support for our clients, meaning that if something goes wrong with your flameless heater rental, our team will be there to help, anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about your options for flameless heaters and to see a full list available for rent, continue on this page or contact our team today. We have both the experience and the know-how to provide you with detailed information on our products and suggest the best ones to complete your job.