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Electrical Distributors

Pro Energy is a trusted supplier of electrical distributor rentals in Red Deer. Pro Energy provides electrical distributors such as transformers, transfer switches, and power distribution boxes and panels. We don’t just provide rentals, we provide power solutions. When it comes to choosing the right rental for your project, the Pro Energy team is ready to help!

What is a transformer?

A transformer is a device that transfers energy from one an alternating current circuit to another one. The job of the transformer is to either increase or decrease the voltage being transferred. Transformers can be seen in a wide array of products. They can be used to operate low-voltage devices, like a doorbell, but are also seen in industrial applications like utility networks. Pro Energy can supply transformer rentals to any industry requiring high amounts of energy, dispersed accurately and precisely.

What is a transfer switch?

A transfer switch is an electric switch with the objective of a switching a load between two sources. Pro Energy supplies manual transfer switches that are electrically operated with manual control switches (these can be mounted locally or can be kept at remote locations. Pro Energy transfer switches are designed for commercial, telecom, industrial application, and more.

1200 Amp Nema 3 Transfer Switch
30 Amp Spider Box Power Distribution
Why rent from Pro Energy?

Pro Energy provides a broad array of electrical distribution transformers to support a variety of applications. Our product lines include pole and pad-mounted, single and three-phase solutions, as well as primary and secondary substation transformers, cast coil transformers, network transformers, and voltage regulators.

Our temporary power distribution substations and portable power distribution panels are used to convert one type of voltage to another type of voltage, while enabling operators to power a variety of devices from multiple receptacles. Operators use these portable substations to convert power from a utility or generator set to voltages and outlets necessary to support multiple appliances. Our power distribution panels are assembled to the peak industry standard and made to withstand any rupture related to the transport of portable equipment. They are constructed to NEMA3 standards, making them ideal for severe exterior applications.

To learn more about your options for electrical power distributors and to see a full list of the electrical distributor rental products available, continue on this page or contact our team today. Pro Energy is committed to customer service; no location is too remote for our services, full transportation of equipment is available, service quotes are prepared promptly and fit your needs, and we deliver a fast turnaround time.

We have both the experience and the know-how to provide you with detailed information on our products and everything you need to make your project a success.