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24/7 equipment service and

When working with temporary power, anything can happen. Know you’re covered with our
tollfree 24/7 support line.

Ready when you call

Downtime costs you time and money. Our team is available 24/7 to get you back up and running if your power goes down.

We provide a maintenance program that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Our municipalities program, which organizes regular service and maintenance, ensures that your organization is compliant with all critical power and safety codes.

  • We provide maintenance on our rentals as well as equipment not owned by us
  • Pro Energy keeps parts on-hand, so if you need something repaired or replaced, we’ve got you covered
  • Create a maintenance schedule with us to ensure your equipment meets the applicable safety requirements
  • We provide on-site support and maintenance; no location is too remote

Maintaining and servicing our rental equipment

We practice preventative maintenance and ensure that all equipment has been fully inspected after use, and before it goes out. Having regular maintenance and check-ups minimizes unexpected and costly downtime for all our clients.


Maintaining and servicing pre-owned equipment

Add years to the lifespan of your generators or any other electrical distribution equipment by completing regular maintenance and service. Our maintenance and service plans help you prevent expensive repairs and upgrades, saving you time and money.

Generator servicing and maintenance for municipalities

For municipal services, downtime can be life-threatening. Our servicing and maintenance program works to guarantee that if you lose power, your backup generator will kick in immediately—without any unexpected problems. From education, healthcare, and emergency protective services to waste and freshwater management systems, we can service it all.

We know quality

Our equipment speaks for itself because we don’t compromise when it comes to quality.

  • Easy-to-use equipment with simple setup
  • Equipment guidebooks
  • Clean and tidy units
  • Reduced noise pollution for a quieter, more environmentally friendly approach to temporary power

Service and maintenance

We offer servicing, general maintenance, and repair to meet your needs.

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