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Our steel frame enclosures are engineered to the highest standards and specifications. All Pro Energy equipment is protected through innovation and design and Safety is our first priority.Designed as a weatherproof, skid mounted assembly come with step up/down transformer and distribution section for portable use. 150KVA Transformer is powerful, reliable and designed with the environment in mind. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, provides increased reliability and protection against critical equipment failures. The lower operating costs, lower heat emissions and lower cost of ownership make this transformer ideal for a wide range of applications and businesses. Designed for industries such as the oilfield, mining, forestry, municipalities, agriculture, construction sites, pulp/paper mills, plant turnarounds and maintenance upgrades, manufacturing facilities, entertainment events, and other demanding applications


Specifications Transformer
Output 150 KVA
Poles 3
Frequency 60 HZ
Continuous Duty 100%
Primary Volts 480
Secondary Volts 208
Amps @ Primary Volts 180
Amps @ Secondary Volts 150
Specifications Transformer
Delta - Wye / Auto Wye/Auto
CSA Approval Yes
Insulation Class) 220°
Temperature Rise °C 150°
Dimensions - L x W x H Cm (In) 152 x 152 x 203 (60 x 60 x 80)
Weight w/skid enclosure - KG (LB) 998 (2200)
NEMA Rating 3 - Outdoor Use

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