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Pro Quiet Pak 130 – 150 KW Skidded Diesel Generator is Super-Silent generators provide reliable power to meet the most demanding requirements. They are designed and built to withstand tough environments at construction sites and provide dependable temporary power at entertainment venues and disaster recovery operations. And to safeguard the environment, the Pro Quiet Pak Generator features an integrated customized fuel tank with a fluid containment system. Designed for industries such as the oilfield, mining, forestry, municipalities, agriculture, construction sites, pulp/paper mills, plant turnarounds and maintenance upgrades, manufacturing facilities, entertainment events, and other demanding applications. These high-performance, portable generators deliver unmatched tool starting and voltage regulation in a rugged, compact package.


Specifications Generator - Single
Type Wheeled
Output 130 - 150 KW
Fuel Diesel
RPM 1800
Frequency 60HZ
Voltage- Three Phase 208 - 480V Switchable
Voltage- Single Phase 120 - 277V Switchable
Single Phase (120V Amps) 333.3A (4 wire) / 361Ax2 (zigzag)
Single Phase (120-240V Amps) 166.7A(4 wire) / 361A(zigzag)
Three Phase (208-240V Amps) 361A
Three Phase (460-480V Amps) 180A
Decibel dB(A) - Full load at 7 m (23ft) 63
Specifications Generator - Single
Fuel Tank Capacity - Litres (Imp Gal) 810(178)
Fuel Consumption at 100% load Litres (Imp Gal)per hour 34.8(7.65)
75% load - Litres (Imp Gal) per hour 26.1(5.74)
50% load - Litres (Imp Gal) per hour 17.9(3.94)
25% load - Litres (Imp Gal) per hour 11(2.42)
L x W x H Cm (In) - unit w/o trailer 325 x 124 x 191 (128 x 49 x 75)
Net Weight Kg (Lb) - unit w/o trailer 3035 (6690)
L x W x H Cm (In) - unit w/ trailer 488 x 208 x 236 (192 x 82 x 93)
Net Weight Kg (Lb) -unit w/ trailer 4758 (10490)
NEMA Rating 3 - Outdoor Use

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