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Where is Pro Energy located?

Our main office address is Clearview Industrial Park, 101 Clearskye Way #100, Red Deer, AB, Canada. We have 2 distribution yards, one of which is located at our main office address in Red Deer. Location has never been a barrier for us. We deliver and maintain equipment all over North America.

What kW sizes does Pro Energy offer?

We offer diesel, natural gas, and bi-fuel generators in a range of different kW sizes.
For our diesel generators, we have power outputs ranging from 15 KW to 2000 KW.
For our natural gas generators, we have power outputs ranging from 80kW to 400kW.
For our bi-fuel generators, we have power outputs starting at 50kW.
At Pro Energy, we are always ready to put together a custom solution.

Are the unit’s wheeled or skidded?

When it comes to diesel generators we supply both wheeled and skidded. For natural gas and bi-fuel generators, we offer skidded.

Does Pro Energy have Natural Gas/Propane generators?

Yes! We have natural gas/propane generators. We also have diesel and bi-fuel generators.

Are the generators Diesel?

We do offer diesel generators, but we also have natural gas/propane and bi-fuel generators.